14791571 ca
a Spanish conquistador who took part in the expedition led by Hernán Cortés that resulted in the conquest of the Aztec Empire and the fall of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec state in the central Mexican plateau. Late in his long life, in his early 80s, his fellow Dominicans urged him write an account of the Aztec conquest drawing from his experiences. This account, known as Relación breve de la conquista de la Nueva España ('Brief Record [Account] of the Conquest of New Spain'), went unpublished in his lifetime, however a manuscript copy of it was preserved at the royal library of El Escorial outside of Madrid, Spain. It was first published in 1900 by the Mexican historian and archivist, Francisco del Paso y Troncoso. A modern English translation of Aguilar's chronicle is published in The Conquistadors: First-Person Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico,
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