1590, Dec 201640, May 5
a French poet. François de Porchères d'Arbaud was born on December 20, 1590 in Brignoles in the French department of Var. Hee went to Paris to study poetry under François de Malherbe, who left him half of his library in his will, the other half went to Racan. De Porchères d'Arbaud was the other of many works, of which others have since published in modern anthologies. He was often confused with Honorat de Porchères Laugier, who was also a member of the Académie Française. In 1634, he became one of the first twenty members of the Académie française. Despite a pension of £600 that the Cardinal Richelieu bestowed upon him, he lived all of his life in relative poverty. De Porchères d'Arbaud died on May 5, 1640 in Burgundy, France.
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