1791, Jan 151872, Jan 21
an Austrian writer who is chiefly known for his dramas. He also wrote the oration for Ludwig van Beethoven's funeral. In 1807–1809, Grillparzer wrote a long tragedy in iambics, Blanca von Castilien, modeled on Friedrich Schiller's Don Carlos. He also produced the dramatic fragments Spartacus and Alfred der Grosse (1809). When Grillparzer began to write, the German stage was dominated by the wild plays of Werner, Müllner, and other authors of the so-called "fate-tragedies." Grillparzer's play The Ancestress (German: Die Ahnfrau), published in 1816, was penetrated by their spirit.
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01/31/1817-Franz Grillparzer's Die Ahnfrau premieres in Vienna 
04/21/1818-Franz Grillparzer's Sappho premieres in Vienna
03/26/1821-Franz Grillparzer's Das Goldene Vliess premieres in Vienna 
02/19/1825-Franz Grillparzer's König Ottokars Glück und Ende premieres in Vienna
02/28/1828-Franz Grillparzer's Ein Treuer Diener premieres in Vienna 
10/04/1834-Franz Grillparzer's Der Traum ein Leben premieres at the Burgtheater in Vienna
03/06/1838-Franz Grillparzer's Weh dem, der Lugt (Woe to him who lies) premieres in Vienna
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