1580, Nov 151629, Nov 25
Prince of Transylvania from 1613 to 1629) and Duke of Opole from 1622 to 1625. He was also King-elect of Hungary from 1620 to 1621, but he never took control of the whole kingdom. Modern historians try to reconstruct the major events of Gabriel's youth based on sources (primarily memoirs and letters) complited decades later, because only two documents written between 1593 and 1602 mentioned him. One of the later sources is Gabriel's own letter from 1628, in which he stated that Stephen Bocskai had raised him and "placed great credence" in him.
 Timeline (6)
09/15/1619-Prince Gabriel Bethlen's troops occupy Pozsony (Pressburg) Hungary 
02/04/1620-Prince Gabriel Bethlen signs peace with emperor Ferdinand II 
12/31/1621-Hungarian King Gabriel Bethlen and Ferdinand II sign Peace of Nikolsburg (aka Treaty of Mikulov)
05/08/1624-Hungarian king Gabriel Bethlen and emperor Ferdinand II sign Treaty of Vienna 
09/30/1626-Battle between king Gabriel Bethlen and Ernst von Mansfeld ends 
12/30/1626-Emperor Ferdinand II and Transylvanian monarch Gabriel Bethlen sign the Peace of Pressburg
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