1503/04, Apr ca1536, May 17
an English courtier and nobleman, and the brother of queen consort Anne Boleyn. This made him the brother-in-law of King Henry VIII and the maternal uncle of Queen Elizabeth I of England. A prominent figure in the politics of the early 1530s, he was falsely accused of incest with his sister Anne during the period of her trial for high treason. They were both executed as a result.
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05/02/1536-Henry VIII accuses Anne Boleyn and her brother George Boleyn of adultery, incest and treason
05/15/1536-Anne Boleyn and her brother George Boleyn found guilty of adultery/incest
05/17/1536-Anne Boleyn's brother, George Boleyn, and the other four "lovers" beheaded on Tower Hill
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