1592, Aug 281628, Aug 23
an English courtier, statesman, and patron of the arts. He was a favourite — and a suspected lover — of King James I of England (reigned 1603-1625). Despite a very patchy political and military record, Buckingham remained at the height of royal favour for the first three years of the reign of King Charles I, until a disgruntled army-officer assassinated him.
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10/08/1625-Admiral George Villiers' fleet sails from Plymouth to Cadiz 
07/10/1627-English fleet under George Villiers reach La Rochelle 
07/20/1627-English fleet under George Villiers reaches La Rochelle 
11/08/1627-English fleet under George Villiers leaves Rhe after the failed Siege of Saint-Martin-de-Ré 
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