1504 ca1559, Sep 26
bishop of Utrecht from 1534 to 1559. In 1526 he became canon and later deacon of the chapter of Li├Ęge. Next he became abbot of Saint-Amand Abbey (since destroyed in the wars of the Protestant Reformation and French Revolution) at Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, south of Tournai. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor appointed him bishop of Utrecht in 1534 as a favour to the Dutch nobility. Because he had to be ordained as priest, his consecration as bishop was delayed for over a year. George stayed in Saint-Amand, and had a vicar manage the bishopric for him. He acted unsuccessfully against the rise of Calvinism.
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02/26/1534-Pope Charles V appoints George van Egmond as bishop of Utrecht (confirmed in 1535 by Pope Paul III) 
10/26/1534-Charles V names George van Egmond as bishop of Utrecht 
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