1550 CA1593, Apr 6
an English Separatist Puritan, executed for his views. In about 1580 or 1581 he was impressed by a sermon; he retired to the country, and was led by study and meditation to a strict form of Puritanism. Subsequently he came into close relations with John Greenwood, the Separatist leader, whose views he adopted. He was associated with "the brethren of the Separation" in London and their secret meetings. Greenwood was imprisoned in The Clink, and Barrowe came from the country to visit him. On 19 November 1586 he was detained by the gaoler and brought before Archbishop John Whitgift. He insisted on the illegality of this arrest, refused either to take the ex officio oath or to give bail for future appearance, and was committed to the Gatehouse Prison.
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03/23/1593-English Congressionalist Henry Barrowe and John Greenwood sentenced to death on a capital charge of "devising and circulating seditious books." 
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