1730, Apr 161795, Dec 23
a British army officer and politician, best known for his service as a general during the American War of Independence. First arriving in Boston in May 1775, from 1778 to 1782 he was the British Commander-in-Chief in North America. In addition to his military service, due to the influence of the 2nd Duke of Newcastle, he was a Member of Parliament for many years. Late in life he was named Governor of Gibraltar, but died before assuming the post.
 Timeline (3)
04/16/1730-Future British army General Sir Henry Clinton is born in Newfoundland, Canada (often incorrectly cited as 1738)
05/05/1776-Henry Clinton excludes Robert Howe and Cornelius Harnett from amnesty offer
06/28/1778-Mary Ludwig Hayes "Molly Pitcher" aids American patriots at the Battle of Monmouth, NJ: General George Washington beats British Sir Henry Clinton
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