1614, Oct 121687, Sep 1
an English philosopher of the Cambridge Platonist school. More taught many notable pupils, including Anne Finch, sister of Heneage Finch, subsequently Earl of Nottingham. She later became Lady Conway, and at her country seat at Ragley in Warwickshire, More would spend "a considerable part of his time." She and her husband both appreciated him, and amidst the woods of this retreat he wrote several of his books.
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Icasm: A figurative expression. Greek eikasma, simile; eikazein, to make like, to depict; eikon, likeness, whence ...
Leguleian: A petty befogged lawyer, a pettifogger; also as an adjective, pertaining to petty or verbal questions of th...
Nugacity: Triviality, trifling. Latin nugax, nugacem, trivial; nugari, nugatum, to jest, play the fool, talk nonsense...
Opime: Rich; plentiful; sumptuous; splendid. Also opimous. Henry More in MYSTERY OF INIQUITY (1664) spoke rebuking...
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