Breakes was the tall, handsome son of the Councilor of the Island of Saba. In 1764, he was appointed to a Dutch trading vessel that sailed between Saba and Amsterdam. Eventually commanding a trading ship which operated between Schiedham, Holland and Lisbon, Portugal, Breakes fell in love with a married woman named Mrs. Snyde. Mr. Snyde was poisoned, and Breakes and the Widow Snyde were accused but later acquitted of the murder. Soon afterward, he stole his employer's trading ship and renamed it "The Adventurer." Later his pirate crew murdered the crew of a vessel called the "Acapulco", which was carrying a load of gold bars, and refitted it for piracy. From there, Breakes bought a letter of marque from the governor of Gibraltar and turned to pillaging throughout the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. In his adventures, he plundered a convent in the Balearic Islands and then decided that it was inappropriate for his crew to be unmarried, so he had each of his men select a nun from the convent, who was then kidnapped and brought to the ship to perform their wifely duties. He then became homesick and upon returning to Holland to marry his mistress, Mrs. Snyde, he discovered that she had been hanged for attempting to poison their new born son. In a state of depression, he drown himself in a dyke.
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The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
This Dutch pirate was the second son of a well-to-do councillor of the Island of Saba in the West Indies. Hiram was appointed in the year 1764 to a ship which traded between that island and Amsterdam. In the latter port, Hiram, who was now 19 years of age and a han...
Hiram Breakes17451760

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