the Haham of the Portuguese congregation Sha'are Hashamayim, Bevis Marks, London, and the son of David Nieto. He was officially appointed as "hakham ha-shalem" in 1733, but gave up the post in 1741 and went abroad. He returned in 1747 and took up the profession of notary. Nieto preached on February 6, 1756, the day of fast and penitence ordered by the king, a Sermon Moral, published in Spanish and English in London, 1756. Better known is his translation of the prayer-book in two volumes: Orden de las Oraciones de Ros Ashanah y Kipur (London, 1740) and Orden de las Oraciones Cotidianas, Ros Hodes Hanuca y Purim (ib. 1771).
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