1813, Jan 41897, Jan 22
an English teacher who developed the most widely used system of shorthand, known now as Pitman shorthand. He first proposed this in Stenographic Soundhand in 1837. He was also the vice president of the Vegetarian Society. Pitman was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1894. He was a lifelong advocate of spelling reform for the English language, producing many pamphlets during his lifetime on spelling reform. In 1844 he published Phonotypy, his major work on spelling reform. In 1845 he published the first version of the English Phonotypic Alphabet.
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01/04/1813-Isaac Pitman is born in Trowbridge, England. He’ll create a shorthand alphabet for quickly writing what people are saying.
11/15/1837-Isaac Pitman introduces his stenographic (shorthand) system
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