1585 ca1635, Oct 18
a French poet. studied at the university of Paris. He then joined Turenne's army in the Netherlands, where he gained rapid advancement. He was the author of a tragedy, Tyr et Sidon, ou les funestes amours de Belcar et Méliane, published in 1608 under the anagram-name Daniel d'Anchéres, and reprinted with numerous changes in 1628 under the author's own name. It has been suggested that Schelandre was directly acquainted with Shakespearian drama, but of this there is no direct proof, although he appears to have spent some time in England and to have seen James I. He pursued his military career to the end of his life, dying at Saumazènes in 1635 from wounds received in the German campaign of Louis d'Epernon, Cardinal de la Valette.
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