1767, Mar 251815, Oct 13
a Marshal of France and Admiral of France under the reign of Napoleon. He was also the 1st Prince Murat, Grand Duke of Berg from 1806 to 1808, and King of Naples from 1808 to 1815. He received his titles in part by being Napoleon's brother-in-law through marriage to his youngest sister, Caroline Bonaparte, as well as personal merit. He was noted as a daring, brave, and charismatic cavalry officer as well as a flamboyant dresser and was known as "the Dandy King."
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01/20/1800-Napoleon Bonaparte's sister Caroline Bonaparte marries King Joachim Murat of Naples
07/15/1808-French marshal Joachim Murat becomes king of Naples 
05/03/1815-Battle of Tolentino ends: Austria beats king Joachim Murat of Naples
09/28/1815-Joachim Murat's fleet sails from Corsica to Naples 
10/08/1815-Joachim Murat's forces lands at Pizzo, Italy 
10/13/1815-Ex-king of Naples Joachim Murat executed by firing squad
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