1694, Jul 261762, Apr 23
a German composer and Kapellmeister in Darmstadt. The first evidence of Endler's appearance as a musician exists from the year 1720. On Ascension Day and Sunday Exaudi he led the church music at the Leipzig New Church. 1721 he took over from Johann Friedrich Fasch founded II. ordinaire Collegium Musicum before 1723 probably at the suggestion of Christoph Graupner , of 1722, to the Leipzig St. Thomas , competed in Darmstadt as alto and violinist in the court orchestra of the Landgrave Ernst Ludwig was hired. Endler's compositional activity stretched mainly in the area of instrumental music, usually brass , timpani and orchestra. In addition to 30 obtained symphonies , there are seven overtures , which adhere to the four orchestral suites by Johann Sebastian Bach.
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