15381613, Sep 11
an English lawyer and politician. He was the Member of Parliament for Preston on several occasions, and once for Boroughbridge. In 1576 he was autumn reader at Gray's Inn, where he was admitted in 1555, and he was elected one of the treasurers there in February 1579-80, and again in February 1583-4. He is the author of 'The Reading of Mr. John Brograve of Grayes Inne, made in Summer 1576, upon part of the Statute of 27 H. 8. C. 10, of Vses, concerning Jointures, beginning at the twelfth Branch thereof.' Printed in 'Three Learned Readings made upon three very useful Statutes, by Sir James Dyer, Brograve and Tristram Risdon,' London, 1648.
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