1650, May 261722, Jun 16
an English soldier and statesman whose career spanned the reigns of five monarchs. Rising from a lowly page at the court of the House of Stuart, he served James, Duke of York, through the 1670s and early 1680s, earning military and political advancement through his courage and diplomatic skill.
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11/24/1688-General strategist John Churchill ¬†meets William III 
12/04/1688-General strategist John Churchill joins with William III 
10/07/1702-English/Dutch troops under John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, occupy Roermond 
08/13/1704-John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, with a combined British, German and Dutch army, beats French and Bavarians at Blenheim, Germany
05/23/1706-Battle of Ramillies: John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, defeats French, 17,000 killed
12/31/1711-John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, fired as English army commander 
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