an English Jesuit. He was ordained priest 20 December 1603, entered the Society of Jesus 18 November 1604, and three years later was sent upon the English mission. His name occurs in a list of twelve Jesuits banished in 1618. He was professed of the four vows 22 July 1619. In 1621 he had returned from exile, and was exercising his spiritual functions in London. After serving as a missioner in the Oxford district, he was appointed socius to the master of novices at Watten in 1633, and subsequently confessor at Liège and Ghent. He published several, mostly religious, texts.
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  • 1. ‘The Refutation of the Errors of John Thrusk,’ St. Omer, 1618, 4to, under the initials B. D.
  • 2. ‘Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary,’ St. Omer, 1632, 12mo, also under the initials B. D.
  • 3. ‘The Looking-glass...
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