unknown1593, Apr 6
an English Puritan divine and separatist. The date and place of his birth are unknown. He entered as a sizar at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, on 18 March 1577 – 1578, and commenced B.A. 1581. By 1586 he was the recognized leader of the London Separatists. Greenwood was arrested early in October 1586, and the following May was committed to the Fleet prison for an indefinite time. During his imprisonment he wrote some controversial tracts in conjunction with his fellow-prisoner Henry Barrowe. He was at liberty in the autumn of 1588; but this may have been merely "the liberty of the prison." However, he was certainly at large in September 1592, when he was elected "teacher" of the Separatist church.
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03/23/1593-English Congressionalist Henry Barrowe and John Greenwood sentenced to death on a capital charge of "devising and circulating seditious books." 
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