1763, Jul 171848, Mar 29
a German–American businessman, merchant, real estate mogul and investor who mainly made his fortune in fur trade and by investing in real estate in or around New York City. Born in Germany, Astor emigrated to England as a teenager and worked as a musical instrument manufacturer. He moved to the United States after the American Revolutionary War. He entered the fur trade and built a monopoly, managing a business empire that extended to the Great Lakes region and Canada, and later expanded into the American West and Pacific coast.
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01/17/1763-John Jacob Astor is born in Germany
04/08/1808-John Jacob Astor establishes the American Fur Company
06/23/1810-John Jacob Astor organizes Pacific Fur Company in Astoria, Oregon
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W. Price Hunt
...Northwest of North America. An American and an employee of John Jacob Astor, Hunt used information supplied by the Lewis...
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