1604, Jun 171679, Dec 20
was count and (from 1674) prince of Nassau-Siegen, and Grand Master of the Order of Saint John (Bailiwick of Brandenburg). John Maurice joined the Dutch army in 1621, at a very early age. He distinguished himself in the campaigns of his cousin, the stadtholder Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange. In 1626 he became captain. He was involved in 1629 in the capture of Den Bosch. In 1636, he conquered a fortress at Schenkenschans.
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08/20/1604-Spanish garrison of Sluis surrenders to Count John Maurice 
07/30/1618-Prince John Maurice's troops pull into Utrecht 
08/04/1636-John Maurice of Nassau appointed governor of Dutch Brazil 
01/23/1637-Dutch governor John Maurice lands in Pernambuco Brazil 
05/06/1644-John Maurice resigns as governor of Brazil 
05/23/1644-John Maurice of Nassau resigns as head of Civil rights activists 
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