1781, May 291859, May 1
invented the friction match. Walker was born in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, on 1781. He went to the local grammar school and was afterwards apprenticed to Watson Alcock, the principal surgeon of the town serving him as an assistant. He had, however, an aversion to surgical operations, and had to leave the profession, turning instead to chemistry. After studying at Durham and York, he set up a small business as a chemist and druggist at 59 High Street, Stockton, around 1818. Walker died in Stockton on May 1, 1859 and was buried in the grounds of St Mary's Church in Norton, near Stockton.
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11/27/1826-John Walker invents friction match in England 
04/07/1827-English chemist John Walker invents wooden matches 
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