1687, Aug 141711, Jul 14
became the titular Prince of Orange in 1702. He was stadtholder of Friesland until his death by drowning in the Hollands Diep in 1711. Along with his wife, Marie Louise, Friso is the ancestor of all European monarchs occupying the throne today. On coming of age in 1707, John William Friso became a general of the Dutch troops during the War of Spanish Succession, under the command of the Duke of Marlborough, and turned out to be a competent officer. He commanded Dutch infantry in the battle of Oudenarde, siege of Lille, and battle of Malplaquet.
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11/22/1707-Prince John William Friso sworn in as viceroy of Friesland 
02/24/1708-Prince John William Friso sworn in as viceroy of Groningen 
04/26/1709-Frisian viceroy John William Friso marries countess Maria Louisa
02/20/1710-John William Friso becomes viceroy of Groningen, Netherlands 
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