1660 ca1700, Oct 17
a Jewish preacher who led the largest organized group of Jewish immigrants to the Land of Israel in the 17th and 18th centuries. Departure from Europe. Judah traveled from one Jewish community to another throughout Poland, urging repentance, ascetism, physical mortifications, and calling for aliyah. In 1697, he and 31 families of his followers left for Moravia and made a stop at Nikolsburg. Judah spent a year traveling throughout Germany and Moravia gaining followers. Many joined the group, influenced by his fervor. By the time the whole group gathered in Italy, they numbered about 1,500.
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10/14/1700-Rabbi Judah HeHasid and his followers arrive in Jerusalem
11/09/1720-In Jerusalem, synagogue of Rabbi Judah HeHasid is set afire by Arab creditors
09/01/1836-Reconstruction begins on Synagogue of Rabbi Judah HeHasid in Jerusalem 
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