1530 ca1560s-15761576, May 27
After 1567 he joined the watergeuzen. He took part in a battle under Willem van Oranje in 1572. He was escort on its way to France when he was capture He managed to escape, however. In 1573 he became Admiral of Zeeland and in 1574 he was Lieutenan-Admiral of Holland and Zeelan On 29 January 1574 he managed to defeat the fleet under the command of Luis de Resquesens y Zúñiga (1528 - 1576) who was the succesor of the Spanish governor of the Dutch Republic Fernando Alvarez de Toledo (1507 - 1582). This battle freed the city of Middelburg from the Spanish rule. In 1576 Boisot drowned near Zierikzee during a battle to free this city from the Spanish rule as well.......Lodewijk van Boisot or Boisot Louis ( Brussels , ca. 1530 - Oosterschelde , May 27th 1576 ), Lord of Ruart ( Nivelles ) from southern Dutch nobility, was an admiral of Zeeland geuze fleet during the Eighty Years' War . In 1567 he fled the Inquisition special which was set up to punish the riots during the iconoclasm of 1566, which incidentally he personally had no part. In 1568 he visited William of Orange at the Dillenburg . In 1569 he tries to influence public opinion in the Netherlands in favor of the rebels by sending promotional letters. In 1570 he visited Brussels. In 1571 Louis de Boisot was by the Council of Troubles condemned to exile and confiscation of his property; He then went to Cologne to live with his brother Charles; In 1572 he joined the army of William of Orange during his second campaign; August the same year he was sent to France by William to make contact with the Huguenots . Boisot, however, had the misfortune that month Bartholomew took place, the beginning of a bloody repression of the Calvinists. Only in the spring of 1573 he managed to escape to England; From there he began to operate as Watergeus. In 1573 he took with his brother participated in the Battle of Haarlemmermeer , an unsuccessful attempt to relieve the besieged city of Haarlem. On 1 August ( Gregorian calendar ), he became admiral of Vlissingen. On August 15, 1573 appointed him to lieutenant William admiral of Zeeland and on March 4, 1574 Lieutenant-Admiral of Holland (and West Friesland) and Zeeland together. He overcame the fleet of the king at Fort Rammekens (August 1573), he lost an eye in the battle of reimerswaal (November 1573), where he again defeated the Spanish fleet. He conquered again in the Battle of Lillo (May 1574) and he was the hero of the deprived Leiden (October 1574). Boisot got from the town council of Leiden gold ereketen, with a picture of the siege of Jerusalem by Sennacherib . An attempt by surprise in December Antwerp to take, but failed. Boisot drowned on May 27, 1576 ( Julian calendar ) in an attempt Zierikzee to buckle when his ship, the Boer Damme, at low tide capsized after it was stranded on a sandbank. The crew tried to act in safety by swimming to shore but most, including the admiral, the banks did not make it.
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01/29/1574-Sea battle of Reimerswaal - Admiral Louis de Boisot beats Spanish fleet
05/30/1574-Sea Battle of Lillo, near Antwerp; Adolf Van Haemstede loses to Louis de Boisot
10/03/1574-Siege of Leiden ends; Spanish attackers are repulsed by a Sea Beggars fleet under Admiral Louis de Boisot
Louis de Boisot1530 ca1560
15761576, May 27

1560s 9unknown
 A famous Mediterranean pirate, and one of Dragut's admirals (Aisa was Drugat's nephew) in the six...
Thomas Cobhamunknown1563
Turgut Reis14851500
15651565, Jun 23
 an Ottoman Greek Admiral and privateer who also served as Bey of Algiers; Beylerbey of the Medite...
Pedro Menendez de Aviles1519, Feb 151565
15651574, Sep 17
 a Spanish admiral and explorer from the region of Asturias, Spain, who is remembered for planning...
Salih Reis1488 ca1529
 a Turkish privateer and Ottoman admiral. In 1529, he took part in the Turkish-Spanish battle near...
Captain Robert Blondel1530 ca1550
15681568 ca
 wiki:úa_(1568) ....... French captai...
Takanobu Matsura15291540
15691599, Apr 1
 a 16th-century Japanese samurai and 25th hereditary lord of the Matsura clan of Hirado. He was on...
Francois Le Clercunknown1550
  a 16th-century French privateer, originally from Normandy. He is credited as the first pirate in...
Matsura Takanobu15291550
15691599, Apr 1
  a 16th-century Japanese samurai and 25th hereditary lord of the Matsura clan of Hirado. He was o...
 In 1558 he sailed, with a fleet of 140 vessels, to the Island of Minorca. Landed, and besieged th...
William Burderunknown1560
 Mayor of Dover. It may seem strange to accuse the mayor of so important a seaport as Dover of bei...
Richard Deigleunknown1560
 An Elizabethan pirate. Wrecked in the John of Sandwich at Alderney in 1564, when he was arrested,...
Captain Heidonunknown1560
 Arrested for piracy in 1564 for having captured a Flemish ship. This vessel he manned with thirte...
Philip Readheadunknown1560
 One of Captain Heidon's crew of the pirate ship John of Sandwich, wrecked on Alderney Island in 1...
Roger Shasterunknown1560
 One of Captain Heidon's crew of the pirate ship John of Sandwich, which was wrecked on the coast ...
Jean Capdevilleunknown1569
 Sailed with Jacques Sores
Ali Bashaunknown1560
1570s 9unknown
 From Algiers. Barbary corsair. Conquered the Kingdom of Tunis in the sixteenth century, and captu...
John Chalona Butlerunknown1570s c
1570s 91577
 Sailed with John Oxenham. Captured, tortured and put to death by the ES Inquisition;........John ...
Jean Bontemps1530 ca1559
 a French privateer. In 1559, sailing with Jean-Martin Cotes, he attacked the towns of Santa Marta...
Richard Allen [1]unknown1560
15721572, Nov
 a young English sailor turned pirate. He worked in the Bay of Biscay and English Channel. Along w...
Charles Glub1540 ca1560
 English quartermaster and pirate. He was very popular with the crew for his cheerful disposition...
Joseph Drake1555 ca1570
15721572, Nov
 Brother to Sir Francis Drake, died of yellow fever on the ship Francis November. ...... Engl...
John Garret1540 ca1572
15721600 ca
 Privateer .......... He served in the Atlantic and Caribbean. He became a member of the crew ...
Courte Higgenberteunknown1572
 Conrad van Hegenbert
Klein Henszleinunknown1560
 a German pirate from 1560 to 1573 who raided shipping in the North Sea until his defeat and captu...
John Smith [1]1550 ca1572
 John Smith *1550?? - +1573. English pirate. In 1572 he became a member of the crew of Francis Dr...
Ellis Hixon1540 ca1573
15731573 ca
 an English captain and pirate. He served in the Atlantic. In 1573 he joined Francis Drake's raid ...
Robert Pike1550 ca1573
15731589 ca
 English officer and a pirate. In 1573 he became a member of the crew of Francis Drake, who this ...
Ferdinando Fieldingunknown1574
Arnaut Mamiunknown1572
 an Ottoman Albanian renegade, the squadron admiral and the supreme commander of all Islamic vesse...
Andrew Barkerunknown1560
 an English merchant. In 1575 at Tenerife, the Inquisition laid hands on the captain and crew of t...
Richard Minivy1545 ca1560
 Richard Minivy *1545?? - +prosinec 1578. English pirate. He was a member of the crew by Francis ...
Captain John Thomas [1]1540 ca1560
15781578 ca
 English captain and pirate. He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1560 and attended al...
William Markham [1]1545 ca1570
 English officer, boatswain, and pirate. He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1570 and ...
John Doughty1545 ca1575
15781578 ca
 English nobleman, an officer, a soldier and a pirate. Brother Thomas Doughty. In 1575, during th...
Jacques de Soresunknown1550
 A French pirate whose sole documented act was his attack and burning of Havana in 1555. Other tha...
Guillaume Le Testu1509 ca1560
 a French privateer, explorer and navigator. He was one of the foremost cartographers of his time ...
Leonard Vicary1540 ca1560s
15791578 ca
 English officer and a pirate. He was a student rights. He was a member of the crew by Francis Dr...
John Callisunknown1570
 a 16th-century Welsh pirate. He was active in South Wales from Cardiff to Haverfordwest, often se...
Klaus Hansleinunknown1570
 This German pirate of the 1570's attacked shipping in the North sea until he and his crew were ca...
Gilbert Horseley1545 ca1570
15791580 ca
 English captain and pirate, based in the Caribbean. Where practically pillaged whom. In 1573 he ...
Limahong unknown1570
 a notorious Chinese pirate and warlord who invaded the northern Philippine Islands in 1574. He bu...
William Pitcher1545 ca1570
15791578 ca
 English pirate. He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1575 and attended all his robber...
Nicolaes Ruychaverunknown1570
 Dutch privateer in the 16th century. Received a Letter of Marque on 10 June 1570 issued by Willem...
Johan Sieuwertszoonunknown1570
 Dutch privateer active in the 16th century. On 15 May 1570 he received a Letter of Marque from Wi...
John Brewer1540 ca1560
1580s 91600 ca
 Sailed with Francis Drake on his round the world journey ...... English captain and pirate. H...
Lady Mary Wolverston1525 ca1570
15821582 ca
 a gentlewoman from Suffolk, married into an ancient Cornish family, who was accused of piracy dur...
John Killigrew [2]unknown1571
  the 2nd Governor of Pendennis Castle, (1568–1584) appointed by Queen Elizabeth I, as stated on...
Giovanni Dionigi15191536
15871587, Jun 21
 an Italian born corsair (privateer) who later became an Ottoman admiral (Reis), Bey of the Regenc...
Lady Mary Killigrew [3]1525 ca1540
15871587 ca
 Mary was the daughter of a former Suffolk pirate. Mary's husband Sir Henry Killigrew, a former pi...
Edward Brightunknown1560
 Sailed with Francis Drake on his round the world journey ...... English pirate. He was a memb...
John Cooke [1]1545 ca1560
15891600 ca
 English pirate. He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1560 and attended all his robber...
Lawrence Eliot1545 ca1560
15891600 ca
 English pirate. He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1560 and attended all his robber...
George Fortescue [1]1550 ca1560
 English pirate. He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1563 and attended all his robber...
James Rance1545 ca1560
15891589 ca
 English pirate. He was a member of the crew of Francis Drake from 1560 to r.1567 and attended al...
John Chidleyunknown1565
 explored with John Davis….wiki:
George Fenner1550 ca1567
 Brother to Edward, nephew to William Sr, cousin to William Jr ...... English pirate. Since 15...
Captain William Fenner Sr.unknown1567
 Uncle to Edward and George ......... English captain and pirate. He was the father of William...
John Callice1558 ca1570
 Born in Southeastern Wales, Callice moved to London as a youth, became a retailer and later joine...
Thomas Fenner1550 ca1564
 Privateer ..... English officer and a pirate. He was a close friend of Francis Drake. Even a...
Thomas Drakeunknown1560
 an English pirate captain, commanded the ship Thomas for his brother Francis Drake during the cam...
Sir John Hawkins15321562
15951595, Nov 12
 an English naval commander and administrator, merchant, navigator, shipbuilder, privateer and sla...
Edward Fenner1550 ca1567
15951595 ca
 Brother to George, nephew to William Sr, cousin to William Jr ..... English pirate. Since 156...
Thomas Moone1545 ca1572
 English captain and pirate, was originally a carpenter. He became a member of the crew of Franci...
Sir Francis Drake1540 ca1563
15961596, Jan 27/28
 an English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, and politician of the Elizabethan era. Drak...
Marcantonio Calefati1545, May 11565
16021602, Nov 10
 On 12 March 1568, after he had already participated in the War of Malta (1565) and that of Hungar...
Grace O'Malley15301550
 chieftain of the Ó Máille clan in the west of Ireland, following in the footsteps of her father...
George Cliffordunknown1558
 an English peer, naval commander and courtier of Queen Elizabeth I. He helped to prepare an exped...
Murat Reis the Elder15341560
 an Albanian privateer and admiral of the Ottoman Navy. He is regarded as one of the most importan...
John Oxenham15361570
 Elizabethan Sea Dog and associate of Sir Francis Drake during the early years of the Anglo-Spanis...
George Somers1554, Apr1570
 an English naval hero, knighted for his achievements and the Admiral of the Virginia Company. He ...
Richard Bishop1550 ca1561
16171617 ca
 Pirate of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. ..... English pirate. He served in the Mediterra...
Sir Walter Raleigh1554 ca1569
16181618, Oct 29
 an English landed gentleman, writer, poet, soldier, politician, courtier, spy, and explorer. He i...
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