1801, Jan 121896, Apr 1
a Dutch writer. Blussé married the historian and archaeologist Caspar Reuvens in Leiden on 19 July 1822. After the death of Reuvens in 1835, Blussé lived with her parents' family in Leiden, and they collaborated on the creation of a pocket dictionary in two volumes, English-Dutch and Dutch-English, which were published in the years 1843 and 1845 respectively. Around 1860, Blussé met Maria Leer. Leer had been one of the founders of a Dutch Protestant sect, which had established a commune within a boatbuilder's yard near Zwijndrecht earlier in the century. Blussé made notes of her conversations with Leer, and more than 25 years after Leer's death, Blussé decided to publish Leer's memoir.
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