1782, Jul 61806-18211821, Sep 27
a military officer who fought in the Venezuelan War of Independence. He rose to the rank of admiral in the navies of Venezuela and the old Republic of Colombia. In 1803, returning from battle, he dedicated himself to business. From 1803 to 1806 he led various actions to prevent the British reoccupation of the island. Nevertheless, the British occupied the island again in 1807, and Brión went into exile on the Danish island of Saint Thomas. From here he continued to run his business and maritime interests.
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Renato Beluche
...captain as well as being a successful privateer. With Luis Brion, he was Simon Bolivar’s favorite admiral as...
Luis Brion1782, Jul 61806
18211821, Sep 27

Cheng I17651790
18071807, Nov 16
 a powerful Chinese pirate operating from Canton (Guangdong) and throughout the South China Sea in...
Robert Jeffreyunknown1807
 Press-ganged privateer, marooned
Charlotte Badger17781806
18081816 ca
 widely considered to be the first Australian female pirate despite being from Bromsgrove, Worcest...
Jorgen Jorgensen1780, Mar 291807
18081841, Jan 20
 a Danish adventurer during the Age of Revolution. During the Action of 2 March 1808 his ship was ...
Stephen Decatur Sr.1751, Jun1770
18091808, Nov 11
 an American naval captain in the Revolutionary War and later in the Quasi-War. He was the father ...
Edward Jordan17711794
 an Irish rebel, fisherman and pirate in Nova Scotia. He was typical of the violent but short-live...
Robert Surcouf1773, Dec 121798
18091827, Jul 8
 a French privateer and slave trader who operated in the Indian Ocean between 1789 and 1801, and a...
Ah Pakunknown1800
 the chieftain of the Cantonese pirates who defeated Portuguese pirates in Ningpo in Zhenjiang, Ch...
18091810 ca
 Pirate of unknown origin in the service of France. Cruised the English Channel and attacked any ...
Cai Qian17611800
 a Chinese sea merchant, considered by some a pirate during the Qing Dynasty era. Facing starvatio...
Rahmah ibn Jabir al-Jalahimah17601800
 an Arab ruler in the Persian Gulf and was described by his contemporary, the English traveller an...
Jean St. Faustunknown1800
 Frenchman who was the Commander of a fleet of Dutch eight privateer ships in 1803. The ships sail...
Margaret Crokeunknown1809
 Following a dispute with investors over his schooner The Three Sisters, Edward Jordan was on his ...
George Lowtherunknown1720
 an 18th-century English pirate who, although little is known of his life, was active in the Carib...
Cheung Po Tsai17831800
 a 19th-century Chinese pirate. He was a son of a Tanka fisherman who lived in Xinhui of Jiangmen ...
Ching Shih17751801
 a prominent pirate in Qing China who terrorized the South China Sea in the early 19th century. Sh...
 Was "boss" of Barataria, the smugglers' stronghold off the Island of Grande Terre, near Louisiana...
Dominique You17751802
18141830, Nov 14
 a privateer, soldier, and politician. Jean Lafitte's most trusted lieutenant, and rumored to have...
Joshua Barneyunknown1759
 an American Navy officer who served in the Continental Navy during the Revolutionary War. He late...
Hezekiah Frith17631790
 an 18th-century British ship owner with the reputation of a "gentleman privateer", who engaged in...
Vincenzo Gambi1775 ca1805
 a 19th-century Italian pirate. He was one of the most violent and bloodthirsty men in the Gulf of...
Ibrahim Ameerunknown1810
 An admiral of an Arabian fleet of Red Sea pirates. In 1816 he captured four British merchant vess...
William Holmesunknown1810
Edward Rosewainunknown1810
Sao Cheng Iunknown1810
 South China Sea, commanded either 5 or 6 squadrons consisting of 800 large junks, about 1,000 sma...
Hippolyte Bouchard1780, Jan 151817
18191843, Jan 4
 a French Argentine sailor and corsair who fought for Argentina, Chile, and Peru. During his first...
Barthelemy Lafon17691790
18201820, Sep 29
 a notable Creole architect, engineer, city planner, and surveyor in New Orleans, Louisiana. He ap...
Captain Biciakiunknown1820
18201825 ca
 operated in the eastern Mediterranean. ...... Greek pirate of the eastern Mediterranean. V...
Jose Gaspar17561783
 a purported Spanish pirate, the "last of the Buccaneers," who is claimed to have raided the west ...
Louis-Michel Aury1788 ca1802
18211821, Aug 30
 a French privateer operating in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean during the early 19th century. A...
Pierre Lafitte17701803
 a privateer in the Gulf of Mexico and smuggler in the early 19th century. He also ran a blacksmit...
Benito Bonito17801818
 Pirate who supposedly hid his treasures of Lima in the cliffs of Australia, or in Coco Island.
William Howard Allen1790, Jul 81808
18221822, Nov
  a Lieutenant in the United States navy, and a native of the city of Hudson. While a child, he w...
Captain Bakerunknown1810
 One of Gasparilla's gang up to 1822, when they were broken up by the United States Navy. His favo...
Renato Beluche1780, Dec 151803
18231860, Oct 4
 a Venezuelan merchant and privateer who played many roles in the turbulent world of the 19th-cent...
Captain Baltizarunknown1810
 A terror to all shipping in the Gulf of Mexico in the early part of the nineteenth century. Broug...
Breti Gullimillitunknown1810
 Taken with other South American pirates by H.M. sloop Tyne, and hanged at Kingston, Jamaica, in 1...
Roberto Cofresi1791, Jun 171818
18231825, Mar 29
 a pirate from Puerto Rico. Despite his birth into a noble family, the political and economic diff...
Domingo Eucallaunknown1820
18231823, Feb 7
 A negro. Hanged at Kingston, Jamaica, on February 7th, 1823. Made a moving harangue to the specta...
Jean Lafitte1776 ca1803
18261826 ca
 a French-American smuggler, privateer, pirate and slaver in the Gulf of Mexico in the early 19th ...
Jacque Alexander Tardy17671817
18271827, Jun 15
 an unsuccessful and atypical pirate who usually poisoned his victims. Most known for his last act...
 a 19th-century Cuban pirate. One of the more violent of the era, he actively engaged the United S...
Felix Barbeitounknown1820
18291827, Aug 17
 A member of Jacque Tardy's gang on the Crawford. Captured and hanged.
Lieutenant Bolivarunknown1820
 This Portuguese pirate was first officer to Captain Jonnia. He was a stout, well-built man of swa...
Jose Hilario Casarisunknown1820
18291827, Aug 17
 A member of Jacque Tardy's gang on the Crawford. Captured and hanged.
George James Davisunknown1820
18291830, Dec 16
 Captured, charged with piracy, and convicted. One of the last two final hangings on Execution Doc...
Juan Gutterezunknown1820
18291823, Feb 7
 Hanged at Kingston, Jamaica, on February 7th, 1823.
Augustus Hernandezunknown1820
 Hanged at Kingston, Jamaica, in 1823.
Juan Hernandezunknown1820
18291823, Feb 7
 Captured with nine other pirates by H.M. sloop-of-war Tyne and taken to Jamaica. Hanged on Februa...
La Cataunknown1820
 A most blood-thirsty pirate and one of the last of the West Indian gangs. In 1824, when La Cata w...
Manuel Limaunknown1820
 Taken by H.M. sloop Tyne, and hanged at Kingston, Jamaica, in February, 1823.
Captain Antonio el Majorcamunknown1820
 At one time an officer in the Spanish Navy. Became a notorious West Indian pirate, but about 1824...
Francesco Miguelunknown1820
 Hanged at Kingston, Jamaica, in 1823.
Jose Morandounknown1820
18291827, Aug 17
 A member of Jacque Tardy's gang on the Crawford. Captured and hanged.
Pedro Nondreunknown1820
18291823, Feb
 Hanged at Kingston, Jamaica, in February, 1823. At the time of execution it was observed that he ...
 Chief of the Malay pirates in the Straits of Makassar, Raga took many European ships and beheaded...
Captain Raphaelinaunknown1820
 Much dreaded by the merchant sailors navigating the South Atlantic. In 1822 he controlled a fleet...
William Watts [2]unknown1820
18291830, Dec 16
 Captured, charged with piracy, and convicted. One of the last two final hangings on Execution Doc...
Maria Lindsey1700 ca1720
 a pirate in the early 18th century who with her husband, Eric Cobham, practiced piracy in the Gul...
Henri Caesar1791 ca1791
 allegedly a 19th-century Haitian revolutionary and pirate. Efforts to find historical evidence of...
Captain Charles Gibbs1798, Nov 51816
18311831, Apr 25
 an American pirate who was one of the last active in the Caribbean during the early-19th century ...
James Ford1770?1799?
 an American civic leader and business owner in western Kentucky and southern Illinois at the turn...
John Andrew Murrell1804/6?1820
 a near-legendary bandit operating in the United States, along the Mississippi River, in the mid-n...
Kazimierz Lux17801795
 an officer of the Polish Legions and a pirate in the Caribbean Sea during the early 19th century....
Sam Hall Lord17781800
18491844, Nov 5
 one of the most famous buccaneers on the island of Barbados. Sam Lord as he was usually known, am...
Bill Johnston1782, Feb 11810
18601870, Feb 17
 a Thousand Islands smuggler, river pirate, and War of 1812 American privateer. His most famous un...
Juan Gomez17811790
18891900, Jul 13
 Brother-in-law of the famous pirate Gasparilla. Died, credited with the great age of 120 years, a...
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