1598, Apr 231653, Aug 10
an officer and later admiral in the Dutch navy. He joined the Dutch navy as a lieutenant in July 1622, entering service with the Admiralty of the Maze based in Rotterdam. On 7 May 1624, he married Dignom Cornelisdochter de Haes, the daughter of a merchant; in the same year he became captain of the St. Antonius, an advice yacht (fast-sailing messenger ship).
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10/21/1639-Sea Battle of Downs: Lieutenant Admiral Maarten Tromp beats Spanish Armada under De Oquendo
05/19/1652-Battle of Goodwin Sands (aka Battle of Dover): English Admiral Robert Blake drives out Dutch fleet under Lieutenant-Admiral Robert Blake
12/10/1652-Naval Battle of Dungeness: Lieutenant Admiral Maarten Tromp beats English fleet
02/20/1653-Defeat of Dutch fleet under Admiral Maarten Tromp by Admiral Maarten Tromp off Portsmouth 
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