unknown1631-16571657, Mar 21
a Dutch admiral that entered into Swedish service, becoming a Swedish admiral and a Swedish nobleman under the name Mårten Anckarhielm. He played an important role at the Battle of Fehmarn 1644. Thijssen distinguished himself as Dutch vice-admiral at the Battle of Albrolhos 1631. When the fleet returned to the Netherlands in 1634 he became master-attendant and munitions-master at the Admiralty of Zealand in Vlissingen. After the outbreak of the war between Sweden and Denmark, the Dutch-Swedish industrialist Louis De Geer in 1644 equipped at his own expense, a Dutch squadron under Thijssen, in order to strengthen the Swedish navy.
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Marten Anckarhielmunknown1631
16571657, Mar 21

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Marten Anckarhielmunknown1631
16571657, Mar 21
 a Dutch admiral that entered into Swedish service, becoming a Swedish admiral and a Swedish noble...
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