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an eighteenth century English murderer. In 1751, she poisoned her father, Francis Blandy, with arsenic. She claimed that she thought the arsenic was a love potion that would make her father approve of her relationship with William Henry Cranstoun, an army officer and son of a Scottish nobleman. Mary's parents raised her to be an intelligent, articulate Anglican woman. Her reputation in Henley, where she lived her entire life, was that of a well-respected, well-mannered, and well-educated young woman. In 1746, Mary met Captain William Henry Cranstoun. The two intended to marry in 1751.
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08/14/1751-Francis Blandy is poisoned by his daughter, Mary Blandy
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Anthony Addington
...when he appeared as an expert for the prosecution of Mary Blandy for the poisoning of her father in 1752. He then...
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