1746, Sep 81817, Jul 5
a Polish writer and educational activist of the times of the Enlightenment in Poland. His 1784 book Podolanka became the most debated and published Polish novel of that year, and his next book, Wojciech Zdarzynski, is considered to be the first Polish science-fiction novel. His first book published in 1784, was the Podolanka wychowana w stanie natury, zycie i przypadki swoje opisujaca (The Podolian Girl: raised in the natural state, describing her life and events), inspired by French book by Henri Joseph Du Laurens (Imirce, ou la fille de la nature). The main hero, a female, criticizes humanity's efforts to destroy and subordinate nature. In 1785 he published another book, the Wojciech Zdarzyrski zycie i przypadki swoje opisujacy (Wojciech Zdarzynski - life and adventures of himself describing) - about the adventures of a young Pole who uses a balloon to visit a utopian country on the Moon.
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