1769, Aug 151799-18151821, May 5
a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars. As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814, and again in 1815. Napoleon dominated European and global affairs for more than a decade while leading France against a series of coalitions in the Napoleonic Wars. He won most of these wars and the vast majority of his battles, building a large empire that ruled over continental Europe before its final collapse in 1815. One of the greatest commanders in history, his wars and campaigns are studied at military schools worldwide. Napoleon's political and cultural legacy has ensured his status as one of the most celebrated and controversial leaders in human history.
 Timeline (77)
11/17/1749-Nicolas Appert is born, who later invents the modern food-canning process while trying to help Napoleon Bonaparte conquer Europe
09/01/1785-Napoleon Bonaparte (16) graduates from the military academy in Paris (42nd in a class of 51)
03/09/1796-Napoleon Bonaparte marries Joséphine de Beauharnais
04/13/1796-Battle of Millesimo Italy: Napoleon Bonaparte beats Austrians
04/21/1796-Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Piedmontese at Battle of Mondovi
04/28/1796-Napoleon Bonaparte moves into Italy with the Armistice of Cherasco (later to become the Peace of Paris)
05/10/1796-Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Austria in Battle of Lodi
11/17/1796-Battle of the Bridge of Arcole: Napoleon Bonaparte's French forces beat Austrians in Italy
05/05/1797-Napoleon Bonaparte's sister Elisa marries Felice Baciocchi
06/14/1797-Napoleon Bonaparte forms Ligurian Republic
07/01/1798-Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet reaches Alexandria Egypt 
07/2/1798-Napoleon Bonaparte captures Alexandria, Egypt
07/21/1798-Napoleon Bonaparte wins Battle of the Pyramids in Egypt
03/07/1799-Napoleon Bonaparte captures Jaffa, Palestine
03/26/1799-Napoleon Bonaparte captures Jaffa Palestine 
04/14/1799-Napoleon Bonaparte calls for establishing Jerusalem for Jews 
04/20/1799-Napoleon Bonaparte issues a decree calling for establishing Jerusalem for Jews
07/25/1799-French-Egyptian forces under Napoleon Bonaparte beat Turks at Battle of Abukir
11/09/1799-Napoleon Bonaparte becomes dictator (first consul) of France
01/20/1800-Napoleon Bonaparte's sister Caroline Bonaparte marries King Joachim Murat of Naples
06/14/1800-Battle of Marengo (Alessandria): Napoleon Bonaparte beats Austria
12/24/1800-Jacobin plot against Napoleon Bonaparte uncovered
07/16/1801-Pope Pius VII and first consul Napoleon Bonaparte sign concord 
01/25/1802-Napoleon Bonaparte elected president of Italian (Cisalpine) Republic 
05/19/1802-French Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur (Legion of Honor) is established by Napoleon Bonaparte
08/02/1802-Napoleon Bonaparte declared "Counsel for Life"
08/07/1802-Napoleon Bonaparte orders re-instatement of slavery on St. Domingue (Haiti) 
05/18/1803-Britain declares war on France after Napoleon Bonaparte continues interfering in Italy and Switzerland 
02/23/1804-Conspirators against Napoleon Bonaparte, for restoration of Louis XVIII 
05/18/1804-Senate and Tribune declare Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France
05/18/1804-Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Emperor of France
12/02/1804-Napoleon Bonaparte and wife Joséphine de Beauharnais coronated are crowned as emperor/empress of France in Paris by Pope Pius VII
05/26/1805-Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned king of Italy
09/30/1805-Napoleon Bonaparte's army draws into the Rhine 
12/02/1805-Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Russians and Austrians at Austerlitz 
11/21/1806-The Berlin Decree: Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte bans all trade with England
01/20/1807-Napoleon Bonaparte convenes great Sanhedrin, Paris 
02/08/1807-Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Russians in Battle of Eylau
02/09/1807-French Sanhedrin convened by Napoleon Bonaparte
03/23/1808-Napoleon Bonaparte's brother Joseph Bonaparte takes the throne of Spain 
04/17/1808-Bayonne Decree by Napoleon Bonaparte of France orders seizure of U.S. ships
05/30/1808-Napoleon Bonaparte annexes Tuscany and gave it seats in French Senate 
06/06/1808-Joseph Bonaparte appointed King of Spain and the Indies by his younger brother, Napoleon Bonaparte
07/20/1808-Napoleon Bonaparte decrees all French Jews adopt family names 
08/17/1808-Napoleon Bonaparte asks King Louis for Holland brigade towards Spain 
04/20/1809-Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Austria in the Battle of Abensberg, Bavaria
04/22/1809-Battle of Eckmühl completed - Napoleon Bonaparte beats Austria arch duke Charles of Austria
05/21/1809-Battle of Aspern-Essling begins: Austrian arch duke Charles of Austria beats Napoleon Bonaparte
12/16/1809-Napoleon Bonaparte divorces Empress Josephine by French Senate 
01/10/1810-Marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine ends in divorce
03/11/1810-Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte marries (by proxy) Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria
10/06/1811-French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte visits Utrecht
01/09/1812-Swedish Pomerania (Germany) seized by Napoleon Bonaparte
06/24/1812-Napoleon Bonaparte's Grand Army invades Russia
07/23/1812-Battle of Mogilev: Napoleon Bonaparte beats Czar Alexander I of Russia
09/07/1812-Battle of Borodino: Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Kutuzov
09/14/1812-Napoleon Bonaparte occupies Moscow and fires start (fire extinguished on the 19th)
09/15/1812-French army under Napoleon Bonaparte reaches Kremlin, Moscow 
10/19/1812-Napoleon Bonaparte begins his retreat from Moscow
10/23/1812-Failed coup against emperor Napoleon Bonaparte 
11/29/1812-The Battle of Berezina ends as Napoleon Bonaparte's Grand Army crosses the Berezina River in retreat from Russia
08/26/1813-Battle of Dresden-Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Austrians
10/16/1813-Battle of Leipzig begins (Napoleon Bonaparte vs Prussia, Austria and Russia)
03/30/1814-Britain and allies march into Paris after defeating Napoleon Bonaparte
03/31/1814-Forces allied against Napoleon Bonaparte capture Paris 
04/11/1814-First abdication of France's Napoleon Bonaparte, who is then banished to Elba
05/30/1814-First Treaty of Paris, after Napoleon Bonaparte's first abdication
02/26/1815-Napoleon Bonaparte and 1,200 leave Elba to start 100-day re-conquest of France 
03/20/1815-Napoleon Bonaparte enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule 
06/16/1815-Battle of Ligny: French army under Napoleon Bonaparte beats Prussia
06/18/1815-Napoleon Bonaparte defeated by Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher at the Battle of Waterloo
06/22/1815-Second abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte (after Waterloo)
07/15/1815-Napoleon Bonaparte surrenders and is later exiled on St. Helena 
08/08/1815-Napoleon Bonaparte sets sail for exile on St. Helena 
10/15/1815-Napoleon Bonaparte exiled on Island of St. Helena 
10/17/1815-Napoleon Bonaparte arrives in St. Helena 
05/05/1821-Napoleon Bonaparte dies in exile
 Mentions (8)
Joseph Bonaparte
...French diplomat and nobleman, the elder brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who made him King of Naples and Sicily (1806–1808),...
Nicholas Bonneville
...scholars for priests. He was later jailed for comparing Napoleon Bonaparte to Oliver Cromwell, in The Well Informed of...
Robert Fulton
...62 hours in 1807. In 1800, he was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to design the "Nautilus", which was the first practical...
Francesco Gardi
...cantata in honor of Joachim Murat , brother in law of Napoleon Bonaparte, composed in 1809.
Parthenios II Pankostas
...the French conquest of Egypt under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte, Patriarch Parthenios II withstood enormous persecution...
Robert Plampin
...South Atlantic during the period when former Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned there. Born into a Navy family,...
Francois Pouqueville
...France. First as the Turkish Sultan's hostage, then as Napoleon Bonaparte's general consul at the court of Ali Pasha of...
Joseph-Marie Vien
...carried off the prize in an open government competition. Napoleon Bonaparte acknowledged his merit by making him a senator....
Napoleon Bonaparte1769, Aug 151799
18151821, May 5

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