1826, Feb 61850s-18621862, Feb 21
Pirate and slave trader, born in Portland, Maine. Captain Nathaniel Gordon was the first and only American slave-trader to be tried, convicted, and hanged in accordance with the U. S. Piracy Law of 1820. Prior to his slave trading, he had been operating as a pirate along the coast of the United States.
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The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
Of Portland, Maine.

Commanded and owned the Evie, a small, full-rigged ship, which was fitted up as a "slaver." Made four voyages to West Africa for slaves. On his last voyage he was captured by the United States sloop Mohican, with 967 negroes...
Hanging Captain Gordon:
The Fate of Nathaniel Gordon:
The Fate of Nathaniel Gordon
Nathaniel Gordon1826, Feb 61850
18621862, Feb 21

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