1757, Dec 21801-1820s1831, Jun 12
a French sculptor. At a time in European history when ancient works were the measure by which all statuary was judged, in 1801 Cartellier obtained wide recognition after exhibiting a plaster version of his statue of Modesty that was based on the free-standing statue of the Capitoline Venus in Rome. Cartellier was made a member of Institut de France, of the Legion of Honor (1808) and decorated with the Order of St-Michel (1824).
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Pierre Cartellier1757, Dec 21801
18291831, Jun 12

Mikhail Kozlovsky1753, Nov 61774
18021802, Sep 30
 a Russian Neoclassical sculptor active during the Age of Enlightenment. Although his early works ...
Pierre Julien1731, Jun 201765
18041804, Dec 17
 a French sculptor who worked in a full range of rococo and neoclassical styles. He worked on the ...
Thomas Banks1735, Dec 291774
18051805, Feb 2
 an important 18th-century English sculptor. Among other works in St Paul's Cathedral are the monu...
Joseph Chinard1756, Feb 121784
18081813, Jun 20
 a French sculptor who worked in a Neoclassical style that was infused with naturalism and sentime...
Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard1743, Sep 111764
18091809, Jun 4
 a Danish neoclassical and royal history painter, sculptor, architect, and professor of painting, ...
18091814, Nov 18
 noted for his works on and in various churches of Brazil. Within a very short time he had become ...
Samuel McIntire1757, Jan 161780
18091811, Feb 6
 an American architect and craftsman, Chestnut Street District, a legacy to one of the earliest ar...
Antoine-Denis Chaudet1763, Mar 31784
18101810, Apr 18
 a French sculptor who worked in a neoclassical style. He married his pupil, the painter Jeanne-El...
Claude Michel1738, Dec 201755
18141814, Mar 29
 a French sculptor in the Rococo style, especially noted for his works in terracotta. Among Clodio...
Anne Seymour Damer1749, Nov 81784
18181828, May 28
 an English sculptor and novelist. During the period 1784–1818, Damer exhibited 32 works as an h...
François-Joseph Duret1729, Nov 121740
18191816, Aug 7
 a French sculptor. Duret was prince of the Academy of St. Luke, a member of the Académie royale ...
George M. Millerunknown1798
 a stone-cutter, potter, and sculptor who often "modeled" in wax. Among biographical sources there...
Joaquim Machado de Castro1731, Jun 191770
18221822, Nov 17
 one of Portugal's foremost sculptors, and a celebrated figure throughout Europe in the eighteenth...
Antonio Canova1757, Nov 11780
18221822, Oct 13
 an Italian neoclassical sculptor, famous for his marble sculptures. Often regarded as the greates...
John Bacon Jr.17771794
 an English sculptor, operational during the early 19th century. From 1818 until 1843, he worked i...
Claude Ramey1754, Oct 291782
18281838, Jun 4
 a French sculptor. Between 1806 and 1810 he was engaged on the bas reliefs on the Vendôme Column...
John Flaxman1755, Jul 61767
18291826, Dec 7
 a British sculptor and draughtsman, and a leading figure in British and European Neoclassicism. E...
Ivan Petrovich Martos17541779
18291835, Apr 5
 a Russian sculptor and art teacher of Ukrainian origin who helped awaken Russian interest in Neoc...
Landolin Ohmacht1760, Nov 111790
18341834, Mar 31
 a German sculptor. His principal works are: “The Judgment of Paris,” in the royal garden at M...
Boris Orlovsky1796, Oct 111820
18371837, Dec 28
 a Russian Neoclassical sculptor. Orlovsky's statues of Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly in front of t...
Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey1781, Apr 71802
18391841, Nov 25
 an English sculptor. He became the leading portrait sculptor in Regency era Britain, producing bu...
Hezekiah Augur17911820
 an early American sculptor and inventor. He was a self-taught sculptor and, unlike many other 19t...
Bertel Thorvaldsen1770 ca1781
18441844, Mar 24
 a Danish sculptor of international fame, who spent most of his life in Italy. In Rome, Thorvaldse...
Musgrave Watson18041828
 an English sculptor of the early 19th century. A stone frieze for Moxhay's Commercial Hall in Thr...
John Ternouth1796, Jan 301819
18481848, Jul 1
 an English sculptor of the early 19th century. His most notable work is one of the four panels at...
Richard James Wyatt1795, Jun1818
18501850, May
 a sculptor, the grandson of the architect James Wyatt. He was a man of classical tastes, and pro...
John Frazee1790, Jul 181820
18501852, Feb 24
 an American sculptor and architect. The Smithsonian has a collection of many of his sculptures as...
William Mossman1793, Aug 181823
18511851, Jun 23
 a Scottish sculptor operational in the early 19th century, and father to three sculptor sons (Joh...
James Pradier1790, May 231807
18521852, Jun 4
 a Swiss-born French sculptor best known for his work in the neoclassical style. The cool neoclass...
Jean-Etienne Ramey1796, May 241815
18521852, Oct 29
 a French sculptor. Ramey was born in Paris. The pupil of his father, Claude Ramey (1754–1838), ...
Horatio Greenough1805, Sep 61817
18521852, Dec 18
 an American sculptor best known for his United States government commissions The Rescue (1837–5...
George Rennie1801/021820
18551860, Mar 22
 a Scottish sculptor and politician. He entered politics to support the arts in Britain and helped...
Sir Richard Westmacott1775, Jul 151797
18561856, Sep 1
 a British sculptor. Among his works are the reliefs for the north side of Marble Arch, the sculpt...
Istvan Ferenczy1792, Feb 241819
18561856, Jul 4
 a nineteenth-century Hungarian sculptor. It was Ferenczy who discovered marble in Ruszicka. Trave...
Joseph Bonomi the Younger1796, Oct 91824
18561878, mar 3
 an English sculptor, artist, Egyptologist and museum curator. From 1824 to 1826, he was a member ...
Christian Daniel Rauch1777, Jan 21790
18571857, Dec 3
 a German sculptor. He founded the Berlin school of sculpture, and was the foremost German sculpto...
John Edward Carew1785 ca1809
18581868, Dec 1
 a notable Irish sculptor during the 19th century. His most prominent work is the Death of Nelson ...
Matthew Cotes Wyatt17771805
18591862, Jan 3
 a painter and sculptor and a member of the Wyatt family, who were well known in the Victorian era...
Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain17101750
 a French sculptor who tempered a neoclassical style with Rococo charm and softness, under the inf...
Bartolomeo Cavaceppi1716 ca1750
1861799, Dec 9
 an Italian sculptor who worked in Rome. Much of his work was in restoring antique Roman sculpture...
Herman Wilhelm Bissen1798, Oct 131823
18621868, Mar 10
 a Danish sculptor. Bissen first studied painting in Copenhagen, then became a pupil of the sculpt...
John Gibson1790, Jun 191817
18661866, Jan 27
 a Welsh Neoclassical sculptor who studied in Rome, excelled chiefly in bas-relief, notably the tw...
Antoine-Louis Barye1796, Sep 241810
18691875, Jun 25
 an Italian painter and architect of the early-Baroque period, active in Rome and Spain, where he ...
Honore Daumier1808, Feb 261822
18731879, Feb 10
 a French printmaker, caricaturist, painter, and sculptor, whose many works offer commentary on so...
Hiram Powers1805, Jul 291822
18731873, Jun 27
 an American neoclassical sculptor. In 1837 he moved to Italy and settled on the Via Fornace in Fl...
Henry Weekes1807, Jan 141826
18761877, May/Jun 28
 an English sculptor, best known for his portraiture. He was among the most successful British scu...
William F. Woodington1806, Feb 101825
18791893, Dec 24
 a notable English painter and sculptor of the 19th century. He exhibited at the Royal Academy fro...
Treffle Berthlaume1803, Jun 131818
18891884, Oct 22
 a Canadian sculptor. Perhaps best remembered for his contribution towards church carvings, Berthl...
Lorenzo Bartolini1777, Jan 71803
1921850, Jan 20
 an Italian sculptor who infused his neoclassicism with a strain of sentimental piety and naturali...
David d'Angers1788, Mar 121809
1921856, Jan 4
 a French sculptor and medallist. David's fame rests firmly on his pediment of the Pantheon, his m...
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