15461611, Oct 8
a Parisian diarist and collector. Born in Paris into a middle-class background, Pierre de l'Estoile was tutored by Mathieu Béroalde. He knew Agrippa d'Aubigné. He became a law student at Bourges (1565). He became a notary, and royal secretary. He spent time in prison in 1589, being taken for one of the supporters of the 'Politiques'. The Registres Journaux (1574-1611) are personal accounts of the reigns of Henry III and Henry IV of France. They contain other matter (sonnets, pamphlets).The Journals were not intended for publication. Material from them was edited as Journal de Henri III (1621 by Louis Servin, 1744 by Nicolas Lenglet Du Fresnoy); and the Journal de Henri IV (The Hague, 1741).
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