an English chronicler, whose work, commonly known as Holinshed's Chronicles, was one of the major sources used by William Shakespeare for a number of his plays. Little is known about Holinshed's life. There is no source which states his date of birth, for instance. He became known only by the Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland, and all the information we have about him is related to this work. Although Vernon Snow remarks that Holinshed was an experienced Cambridge-educated translator, no other works by Holinshed are available.
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William Harrison
...venture of a group of London stationers who produced Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles (London 1577). His contribution to...
Richard Stanihurst
...Furnival's Inn and Lincoln's Inn. He contributed in 1587 to Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland...
Robert Wydow
...contemporaries held him in high esteem as a poet and musician. Raphael Holinshed called him "an excellent poet", and John...
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