1804, Jun 31865, Apr 2
an English manufacturer and Radical and Liberal statesman, associated with two major free trade campaigns, the Anti-Corn Law League and the Cobden–Chevalier Treaty. As a young man, Cobden was a successful commercial traveller who became co-owner of a highly profitable calico printing factory in Manchester, a city with which he would become strongly identified. However, he soon found himself more engaged in politics, and his travels convinced him of the virtues of free trade (anti-protection) as the key to better international relations.
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09/18/1838-Anti-Corn Law League established by Richard Cobden
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Henry Ashworth
an English cotton manufacturer, friend of Richard Cobden, and vigorous supporter of the Anti-Corn Law League. His major work...
James Aspinall meeting, held at Hull, at which Bright and Richard Cobden both spoke. In 1853, after the celebrated Roscoe...
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