an English publisher and influential member of the legal community. He ran his business from a shop located at Temple Bar on Fleet Street in London. The majority of his printing was centered on legal documents, but he is most known for a collection he edited and published in 1557 called Songes and Sonnettes. Tottel’s career leapt forward when he was granted a patent that would allow him to print all authorized books dealing with common law. This patent was originally granted in April 1553 and was to last seven years. In 1556, the patent was renewed for another seven years and, in 1559, Tottel's patent was granted to him for life.
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Thomas Churchyard
...contributed later (1555) to Nicholas Grimald's and Richard Tottel's collection, Songes and Sonettes (known more often...
Thomas Norton
...Heywood he was a writer of "sonnets"; he contributed to Richard Tottel's Miscellany, and in 1560 he composed, in company...
Thomas Vaux
...were included in the Songes and Sonettes of Surrey (Richard Tottel's Miscellany), published in 1557. Thirteen pieces...
Thomas Wyatt
...his lifetime—the first book to feature his verse, Richard Tottel's Miscellany of 1557, was printed a full fifteen...
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