1538 ca1604+
an English clergyman and writer. Cawdrey was ordained as a deacon, and 22 October 1571 he was made rector of South Luffenham. As many new words were entering the English language in the 16th century, Cawdrey became concerned that people would become confused. Cawdrey worried that the wealthy were adopting foreign words and phrases, he produced one of the first dictionaries of the English language, the Table Alphabeticall, in 1604. While he was a rector, Robert Cawdrey wrote A Short and Fruitefull Treatise of the Profit of Catechising in 1580. He revised this work and published a second edition in 1604. Cawdrey also published A Treasurie or Store-House of Similes in 1600, and again in 1609.
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