1532/33, Jun 241588, Sep 4
an English nobleman and the favourite and close friend of Elizabeth I's, from her first year on the throne until his death. He was a suitor for the queen's hand for many years. was one of Elizabeth's leading statesmen, involved in domestic as well as foreign politics alongside William Cecil and Francis Walsingham. Although he refused to be married to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, Dudley was for a long time relatively sympathetic to her until, from the mid-1580s, he strongly advocated for her execution. As patron of the Puritan movement, he supported non-conforming preachers but tried to mediate between them and the bishops of the Church of England. A champion also of the international Protestant cause, he led the English campaign in support of the Dutch Revolt (1585–87).
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09/29/1564-Robert Dudley becomes earl of Leicester
12/20/1585-English fleet and earl Robert Dudley reach Vlissingen 
02/04/1586-Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, becomes governor of Netherlands 
12/17/1587-Earl of Leicester Robert Dudley's army leaves Netherlands 
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