tlParseLinks: Born at Bristol. One of Captain Roberts's crew. Tried for piracy in April, 1722, at Cape Coast Castle, West Africa, after the great defeat of the pirates by H.M.S. Swallow. On this occasion no less than 267 pirates were accounted for. The finding of the Honourable the President and Judges of the Court of Admiralty for trying of pirates was as follows:
To Servitude20
To the Marshallsea17 for tryal
The rest were accounted for as follows:
Killed {In the Ranger10
In the Fortune3
Dy'd {In the passage to Cape Corso15
Afterwards in the castle4
Negroes in both ships70
A number of the prisoners signed a "humble petition" begging that, as they, being "unhappily and unwisely drawn into that wretched and detestable Crime of Piracy," they might be permitted to serve in the Royal African Company in the country for seven years, in remission of their crimes. This clemency was granted to twenty of the prisoners, of which Scot was one. A very impressive indenture was drawn up, according to which the prisoners were to become the slaves of the Company for seven years, and this was signed by the prisoners and by the President. Could not post Error because You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'humble petition" begging that, as they, being "unhappily and unwisely drawn into' at line 1