1560, Dec 311630, Jan
an English diarist and politician. He was a Member of the Parliament of England for Midhurst in 1589 and for Knaresborough in 1593. In 1576 he left for France without permission of his tutors or knowledge of his father. He was, however, readmitted to the college, although he is said to have acquired a fondness for dress, which displeased his father. In 1579 he was elected probationer, and in 1580 fellow of his college. In 1581 he was expelled on religious grounds. He seems to have quarrelled with some of his colleagues who adopted the extremer forms of puritanism. His father temperately pleaded for his restoration, and wrote to a bishop, probably Horn of Winchester, soliciting his help in the matter. Meanwhile Samuel spent more than three years in foreign travel, visiting the universities of Leipzig, Padua, and Basle. He returned to England in 1585, and was restored to his fellowship.
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