1783, Jul 241830, Dec 17
a Venezuelan military and political leader who played a leading role in the establishment of Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama as sovereign states, independent of Spanish rule. Bolívar was born into a wealthy, aristocratic Creole family and, like others of his day, was educated abroad at a young age, arriving in Spain when he was 16 and later on moving to France. While in Europe he was introduced to the ideas of Enlightenment philosophers, which gave him the ambition to replace the Spanish as rulers. Taking advantage of the disorder in Spain prompted by the Peninsular War, Bolívar began his campaign for independence in 1808, appealing to the wealthy Creole population through a conservative process, and established an organized national congress within three years.
 Timeline (9)
08/07/1819-Battle of Boyacá: Simon Bolivar defeats Spanish in Columbia -- wins independence from Spain
06/24/1821-Battle of Carabobo -- Simon Bolivar defeats royalists outside of Caracas
05/24/1822-Battle of Pichincha, Simon Bolivar secures independence of Quito from Spain
07/26/1822-Secret meeting of Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin 
09/10/1823-Simon Bolivar named president of Peru 
02/10/1824-Simon Bolivar is named dictator by the Congress of Peru
08/06/1824-Battle of Junín - Simon Bolivar's army beats Spanish
06/13/1828-Simon Bolivar proclaimed dictator  
09/25/1829-Failed assassination attempt on Simon Bolivar
 Mentions (3)
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