a Flemish mathematician, physicist and military engineer. He was active in a great many areas of science and engineering, both theoretical and practical. He also translated various mathematical terms into Dutch. Stevin is responsible for many discoveries and inventions. He was a pioneer of the development and the practical application of (engineering related) science such as mathematics, physics and applied science like hydraulic engineering and surveying. He invented (or at least described in detail) the Decimal system for fractions and did the mathematical groundwork for the construction of fortifications. His contemporaries were most struck by his invention of a so-called land yacht, a carriage with sails, of which a model was preserved in Scheveningen until 1802.
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...held a position similar to that of his compatriot Simon Stevin at the rival court of Maurice, Prince of Orange. Strongly...
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...mathematics. Napier made further contributions. He improved Simon Stevin's decimal notation. Lattice multiplication,...
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