1539 ca1608, Oct 19
an English writer, Privy Councillor, and Principal Secretary of State in Ireland. Geoffrey is said to have visited Spain and Italy in his youth; possibly he went to Paris in Sir Thomas Hoby's train in 1566, for he was living there in 1567, when he wrote Certaine tragicall discourses written oute of Frenche and Latin. This book is a free translation of Fran├žois de Belleforest's French rendering of Matteo Bandello's Novelle. Until 1579 Fenton continued his literary labors, publishing Monophylo in 1572, Golden epistles gathered out of Guevaraes workes as other authors, and various religious tracts of strong Protestant tendencies. In 1579 appeared the Historie of Guicciardini, translated out of French by Fenton and dedicated to Queen Elizabeth.
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