1801, Sep 261824-1870s1877, Jul 12
an American physician, newspaper publisher, and geologist. He graduated from Yale College in 1824. After two or three years spent in school-teaching and in studying medicine, he established himself as a physician in Goshen, Conn. A year later he removed to Roxbury, Conn., and in 1831 to Richmond, Mass. Finding the exposure to the severity of the weather too much for his rather delicate constitution, he gave up his profession (about 1837), and opened a boarding-school for boys in Richmond, in which he proved highly successful. In 1848 he removed to Pittsfield, Mass., to take charge of an agricultural warehouse and seed store, connected with a printing office from which a weekly agricultural and miscellaneous newspaper, the Berkshire Agriculturist, was published. This paper, which he renamed The Culturist and Gazette, he continued to edit until 1858, when its publication was suspended.
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Stephen Reed1801, Sep 261824
1877, Jul 121877, Jul 12

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18271840, Mar 2
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18561856, May 4
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18571857, Jul 14
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18571858, Jun 16
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18571857, Feb 16
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18591879, May 29
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William Walker1824, May 81852
18601860, Sep 12
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Samuel A. Cartwright1793, Nov 31837
18621863, May 2
 a physician who practiced in Mississippi and Louisiana in the antebellum United States. Cartwrigh...
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18691903, Jul 21
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Crawford Long1815, Nov 11841
18781878, Jun 16
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 American physician, diplomat and writer. Beginning to write around 1853, Tomes gradually relinqui...
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