1782, Mar 191802-1840s1856, Feb 18
a German-Austrian military officer and amateur astronomer. In the field of astronomy, he specialized in observing and calculating the orbits of comets. He also did some sunspot observations and published a series of articles, mostly in the Astronomische Nachrichten, on subjects such as comets, the theoretical considerations of comets "falling into the Sun," Tycho Brahe, and occultations of stars by the Moon.
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02/27/1826-Wilhelm Freiherr von Biela, an Austrian officer, confirms his namesake comet as periodic
Wilhelm Freiherr von Biela1782, Mar 191802
18491856, Feb 18

Jean-Dominique Cassini1748 Jun 301768
18101845, Oct 18
 a French astronomer, he succeeded his father as director of the observatory. He published in 177...
Eise Eisinga1744, Feb 211761
18111828, Aug 27
 a Frisian amateur astronomer who built the Eise Eisinga Planetarium in his house in Franeker, Fri...
Iwahashi Zenbei17561790
 a Japanese scientist and optician. Zenbei researched some imported optical instruments, then in 1...
Honore Flaugergues1755, May 161809
18131830, Nov 20/1835, Nov 26
 a French astronomer. He discovered the "Great Comet of 1811" (C/1811 F1), and independently co-di...
Andrew Ellicott [2]1754, Jan 241772
18171820, Aug 28
 a U.S. surveyor who helped map many of the territories west of the Appalachians, surveyed the bou...
William Herschel1738, Nov 151774
18201822, Aug 25
 a German-born British astronomer, composer, and brother of Caroline Herschel. His interest in ast...
Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre1749, Sep 191788
18221822, Aug 19
 a French mathematician and astronomer. He was also director of the Paris Observatory, and author ...
Johann Elert Bode1747, Jan 191766
18251826, Nov 23
 a German astronomer known for his reformulation and popularization of the Titius–Bode law. Bode...
Joseph von Fraunhofer1787, Mar 61801
18261826, Jun 7
 a German optician, known for discovering the dark absorption lines known as Fraunhofer lines in t...
Pierre-Simon Laplace1749, Mar 231771
18271827, Mar 5
 an influential French scholar whose work was important to the development of mathematics, statist...
Heinrich Wilhelm Matthaus Olbers1758, Oct 111779
18271840, Mar 2
 a German physician and astronomer. Olbers discovered and named the asteroid Pallas. Five years l...
Franz Xaver von Zach1754, Jun 41780
18271832, Sep 2
 a Hungarian astronomer born in Pest, Hungary. Zach published Tables of the Sun (Gotha, 179...
Fearon Fallows1788, Jul 41816
18301831, Jul 25
 an English astronomer to King George IV. Between 1821 and 1829 he worked to site, plan and develo...
Karl Ludwig Harding1765, Sep 291796
18341834, Aug 31
 a German astronomer notable for having discovered the asteroid 3 Juno. In addition to Juno, he di...
Thomas John Hussey1792, Apr 41835
18381854 ca
 an English clergyman and astronomer. In his clerical capacity he published several sermons, but h...
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel1784, Jul 221804
18421846, Mar 17
 a German astronomer, mathematician, physicist and geodesist. He was the first astronomer who dete...
Alexis Bouvard1767, Jun 271793
18431843, Jun 7
 a French astronomer. He is particularly noted for his careful observations of the irregularities ...
Francis Baily1774, Apr 281799
18431844, Aug 30
 an English astronomer. He is most famous for his observations of 'Baily's beads' during an eclips...
Thomas Henderson1798, Dec 281832
18441844, Nov 23
 a Scottish astronomer and mathematician noted for being the first person to measure the distance ...
Caroline Herschel1750 Mar 161772
18461848, Jan 9
 a German British astronomer and the sister of astronomer Sir William Herschel with whom she worke...
Karl Ludwig Hencke1793, Apr 81807
18471866, Sep 21
 a German amateur astronomer. He discovered two asteroids from his private observatory at #9, Kiet...
James Dunlop1793, Oct 311810
18471848, Sep 22
 a Scottish astronomer, noted for his work in Australia. He served as astronomer's assistant at a ...
Wilhelm Beer1797, Jan 41830
18491850, Mar 27
 a banker and astronomer from Berlin, Prussia, and the half-brother of Giacomo Meyerbeer. In 1830,...
William Cranch Bond1789, Sep 91806
18501859, Jan 29
 an American astronomer, and the first director of Harvard College Observatory. When he built his ...
Francois Arago1786, Feb 261804
18521853, Oct 2
 a French mathematician, physicist, astronomer, freemason, supporter of the carbonari and politici...
Carl Friedrich Gauss1777, Apr 301798
18541855, Feb 23
 a German mathematician who contributed significantly to many fields, including number theory, alg...
August Ferdinand Mobius1790, Nov 171816
18581868, Sep 26
 a German mathematician and theoretical astronomer. He is best known for his discovery of the Möb...
Giuseppe Asclepi17061760
 an Italian astronomer and physician. He was a Jesuit and director of the observatory at the Colle...
James Ferguson [4]1797, Aug 311847
18601867, Sep 26
 an American astronomer and engineer (he helped build the Erie canal) born in Scotland who made th...
Christopher Hansteen1784, Sep 261806
18611873, Apr 11
 a Norwegian geophysicist, astronomer and physicist, best known for his mapping of Earth's magneti...
Hermann Goldschmidt1802, Jun 171820
18621866, Apr 26
 a German-French astronomer and painter who spent much of his life in France. He started out as a ...
Johann Franz Encke1791, Sep 231816
18631865, Aug 26
 a German astronomer. Among his activities, he worked on the calculation of the periods of comets ...
Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander1799, Mar 221823
18631875, Feb 17
 a German astronomer. He is known for his determinations of stellar brightnesses, positions, and d...
Heinrich d'Arrest1822, Aug 131846
18641875, Jun 14
 a German astronomer, born in Berlin, involved in the search for Neptune, discovered a comet, and ...
John Herschel1792, Mar 71816
18671871, May 11
 an English polymath, mathematician, astronomer, chemist, inventor, experimental photographer, and...
David Rittenhouse1732, Apr 81750
1871796, Jun 26
 a renowned American astronomer, inventor, clockmaker, mathematician, surveyor, scientific instrum...
James Challis1803, Dec 121825
18701882, Dec 3
 an English clergyman, physicist and astronomer. Plumian Professor and director of the Cambridge O...
Theodor Brorsen1819, Jul 291844
18701895, Mar 31
 a Danish astronomer. He is best known for his discovery of five comets, including the lost period...
Sir Edward Sabine1788, Oct 141818
18711883, Jun 26
 an Irish astronomer, geophysicist, ornithologist, explorer, soldier and the 30th President of the...
Mary Fairfax Somerville1780, Dec 261811
18721872, Nov 29
 a Scottish science writer and polymath, at a time when women's participation in science was disco...
Anders Jonas Angstrom1814, Aug 131839
18731874, Jun 21
 a Swedish physicist and one of the founders of the science of spectroscopy. Intrigued by terrestr...
Richard Christopher Carrington1826, May 261848
18731875, Nov 27
 an English amateur astronomer whose 1859 astronomical observations demonstrated the existence of ...
Peter Andreas Hansen1795, Dec 81820
18741874, Mar 28
 a danish astronomer. In 1838 he published a revision of the lunar theory, entitled Fundamenta nov...
George B. Airy1801, Jul 271822
18811892, Jan 21
 an English mathematician and astronomer, Astronomer Royal from 1835 to 1881. His many achievement...
Thomas William Webb1807, Dec 141829
18851885, May 19
 a British astronomer. Through his career T. W. Webb served as a clergyman at various places inclu...
Benjamin Apthorp Gould1824, Sep 271844
18851896, Nov 26
 a pioneering American astronomer. He is noted for creating the Astronomical Journal, discovering ...
Alvan Clark1804, Mar 81830
18871887, Aug 19
 an American astronomer and telescope maker. He was a portrait painter and engraver (c.1830s-1850s...
Ernest Mouchez1821, Aug 241843
18871892, Jun 29
 a French naval officer who became director of the Paris Observatory and launched the ill-fated Ca...
John Couch Adams1819, Jun 51835
18881892, Jan 21
 a British mathematician and astronomer. His most famous achievement was predicting the existence ...
Maria Mitchell1818, Aug 11835
18881889, Jun 28
 an American astronomer who, in 1847, by using a telescope, discovered a comet which as a result b...
Daniel Kirkwood1814, Sep 271839
18951895, Jun 11
 an American astronomer. Kirkwood was born in Harford County, Maryland to John and Agnes (née Hop...
John Russell Hind1823, May 121840
18951895, Dec 23
 an English astronomer. Hind is notable for being one of the early discoverers of asteroids. He al...
Herve Faye1814, Oct 11834
18971902, Jul 4
 a French astronomer, who studied comets, discovering several. His work covered the entire field o...
Johann Gottfried Galle1812, Jun 91835
18971910, Jul 10
 a German astronomer from Radis, Germany, at the Berlin Observatory who was the first person to vi...
Lewis A. Swift1820, Feb 291843
18991913, Jan 5
 an American astronomer. He discovered or co-discovered a number of comets. In 1878 he believed he...
Andrew Graham1815, Apr 81848
19031907, Nov 5
 an Irish astronomer/computer. He discovered the asteroid 9 Metis in 1848 whilst employed at Markr...
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