1621, Apr 231670, Sept 16
an English admiral and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1660 to 1670. He was the father of William Penn[2], founder of the Province of Pennsylvania. Penn was born in St. Thomas Parish, Bristol to Giles Penn and Joan Gilbert. He served his apprenticeship at sea with his father. In the First English Civil War of 1642–1646, he fought on the side of the Parliament, and commanded a ship in the squadron maintained against the king in the Irish seas. The service was arduous and called for both energy and good seamanship. In 1648, he was arrested and sent to London, but was soon released, and sent back as rear-admiral in the Assurance. The exact cause of the arrest remains unknown, but it may be presumed that he came under suspicion of corresponding with the king's supporters.
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William Penn [2]
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