1824, May 81852-18601860, Sep 12
an American physician, lawyer, journalist and mercenary, who organized several private military expeditions into Latin America, with the intention of establishing English-speaking colonies under his personal control, an enterprise then known as "filibustering." Walker usurped the presidency of the Republic of Nicaragua in 1856 and ruled until 1857, when he was defeated by a coalition of Central American armies. He was executed by the government of Honduras in 1860.
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A portrait of William Walker by George Drury.

Battle of Rivas, 1856.

Engraving depicts Walker’s troops entering the city of Granada.

Engraving of William Walker in The War in Nicaragua, his 1860 apologia of his Latin American ventures.

Newspaper woodcut of Major General William Walker, President of the Republic of Nicaragua.

Photographic portrait of Walker reproduced by the H.O. Fuller Studio of Nashville.

Splendid hand-tinted print of William Walker. In this studio portrait, Walker is seated with props symbolizing his expansionist vision: a telescoping spyglass and map.

Walker’s birthplace and boyhood home in Nashville, 4th and Commerce.
 Timeline (4)
01/10/1854-Filibuster William Walker proclaims Republic of Sonora in NW Mexico
09/01/1855-U.S. adventurer William Walker conquers Nicaragua, reestablishes slavery 
04/11/1856-Second Battle of Rivas: Costa Rica beats William Walker's invading Nicaraguans
05/01/1857-William Walker, conqueror of Nicaragua, surrenders to U.S. Navy
William Walker1824, May 81852
18601860, Sep 12

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